Outdoor settings for fall and winter gatherings

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During the fall and winter months most of us are accustomed to staying indoors and snuggling under a blanket next to a fire. Even though cooler months are headed this way you can still create an outdoor setting perfect for fall and winter with a few minor changes to your current outdoor area.

How to bring comfort to your kitchen with custom indoor cushions

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Kitchens are the place where memories are made. Baking with mom and grandma, sharing recipes past down from generation to generation and having long conversations with family over delicious holiday meals. The kitchen is the place for lots of nurturing of the body and mind; however, the kitchen should be a place that is comfortable for your family and guests so they will want to stay and linger. Since kitchens tend to be constructed of hard granite surfaces and stainless steel appliances, it seems only necessary to bring in soft, functional pieces like custom indoor cushions to convey warmth and ease to your space.

How to choose throw pillows for your home

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Incorporating throw pillows is one of the quickest ways to bring life to furniture, bedrooms and window seats without breaking the bank. Indoor throw pillows make a room more cozy and comfortable, more importantly they can provide a dramatic look to an otherwise dull room.

Deep seating cushions explained

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Deep seating as a phrase simply refers to a style of furniture. Think of a lounge chair, loveseat or sofa that can only be comfortably sat on with cushions. The furniture is nothing more than a frame without a cushion. In many cases, the furniture may not have anything other than a simple support structure for holding a cushion. The part of the frame that holds the seat cushion is very low to the ground. If you sat in it without a cushion (assuming you could) you would be sitting close to the ground and be very uncomfortable.