Custom Outdoor Cushions Find a Home in Texas

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By Whitney Hicks

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Austin is not only the capitol of Texas, it is said to be the “Live Music Capitol of the World.” This title holds true today as Austin has more than 200 live music venues stretching across the city with more than 1,900 bands and artists living in the area. However, Austin is not only known for its taste in music, it is known as a city of creativity and uniqueness. Austin celebrates this creativity and prides itself on being a city populated by artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and intellectual thinkers.

It’s a spring thing!

It's a spring thing!
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Be made in the shade with umbrellas

Sunbrella manufactures high-quality umbrellas that combine attractive design, high-performance fabric, ease of operation and a 5-year warranty against fading, making them not only beautiful, but long-lasting.

Retirees Dress Their Dream Home with Outdoor Cushions

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Montana is the fourth largest state in the United States. It’s so large in fact; it has two nicknames, “The Treasure State” and “Big Sky Country.” Interestingly enough, Montana’s population is quite the opposite of “Big.” Its population is scarce compared to the rest of the country. However, it holds a rich history and stunning natural beauty which has stood through the test of time. Montana is home to two major National Parks: Glacier and the famous, Yellowstone. Remember the famous Lewis and Clark explorers? Their expedition crossed Montana twice, in 1805 and then again in 1806.

Here Comes The Sun!

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Decorating your sunroom is a must for springtime! The sun is shining, the temperatures are just right and the days seem a bit happier! There is nothing better than sitting in your sunroom and watching nature work its magic. I always tell myself, no matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. With March coming to an end, flowers will soon be in full bloom. Why not use this time to decorate your covered patio or sunroom so you can enjoy the beautiful weather. Here are a few of my favorite fabrics that welcome spring and say hello sunshine!